Parade FAQ


The parade will begin at Mayflower Drive and Canyon Lake Drive North at approximately 9 a.m. The parade will make its way down Canyon Lake Drive North and turn right onto Vacation Drive. From Vacation Drive, the parade will make its way to its new endpoint, Lighthouse Drive. Parade participants can either park or pull over to unload passengers on Lighthouse Drive or continue down Lighthouse Drive to Canyon Club Drive and on to Canyon Lake Drive North to exit the parade/event. Please note, that Canyon Club Drive and Lighthouse Drive will not be designated as one way this year, so parade participants unloading passengers are being asked to pull-off to the sides and not block traffic.


With the new parade route this year, there will be new staging streets. Parade participants will be assigned to one of four staging areas: Spray Drive, Smugglers Point Drive, Sloop Drive or Clearwater Drive. Line up starts at 7 a.m.